[mail]Possibilities between Mailjet and Nexcloud


We have created a contact app linked to a Laurux database with a “show” field which allows us to assign a show to a given contact. The same principle exists with mailjet : we have created “properties” which we assign to email addresses and then carry out targeted campaigns.

I would like to know if these three points are feasible with mailjet under nextcloud and how it is feasible:

  1. Is the mailjet property and the contact “spectacle” info linked so that when we add or modify a contact in the app it adds the email address in mailjet with the corresponding property (if there is one) has one of informed).

  2. Could we retrieve the mailjet history and display it on the contact card on nextcloud for example : latest newsletters received and opened / clicked, or unsubscribe.

  3. If we can have a synchronization between mailjet and our contact app : would it be possible for mailjet to retrieve contact info (name, first name, company …) and update from the info in the app.

Thank you in advance.

Is this in any way related to Nextcloud Mail? I’ve moved this to the app dev category.

Yeah thanks