Mail notification every 30 seconds

Hi All,
Not sure if this is a bug or a mistake in my config.
When I receive several mails (e.q. 4 or 6) from the same user and almost the same subject (e.g. “door open” & “door closed”) and almost the same time the mailapp is continuously notifying every 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading the mails or not. Only after deleting those mails will show up the last in the series and the notifications stop.

Does anyone know how to stop this behaviour or might this be a (known) bug?


It’s a known bug fixed a few weeks/months ago.

So I’m assuming you use something like Nextcloud 19 or even older, right?

Thanks for answering! Indeed we use NC19 (and some 18).
It is businesswise impossible to keep up with the tremendous high rate of major new versions so hopefully not only the latest versions keep supported.

Maybe someone @nextcloud can tell me if this fix will be implemented on NC19.
If not that’s ok too we can make the switch to Rainloop which works already very very well in our dev environment.
just to be sure…

Never mind, obviously nobody cares… we did change to Rainloop and all our users are happy again. So no need to fix the buggy mailapp.

Happy to hear you’ve switched to Rainloop.