Mail not copied to "Sent" folder

newbie to NC
NC 19.0.3
Debian Bullseye, php 7.4
imap server: Dovecot (Debian Buster)
webmail IMAP client

When reading 91518 it says:

“When sending a mail it is put automatically in the Sent-Folder. This is fine.”

But when I send mail using the webclient, there is no copy sent to the “Sent” folder. There’s nothing in the logs.

Have I missed something crucial somewhere? This makes this client unusable for me. I know, I have many clients, but it would be nice if a sent message is copied to the Sent folder.


welcome to the forum and thanks for your first participation.

i’m afraid we would need more info about your setup, environment, etc. even logfiles.

Well, it’s a tarball 19.0.3 install on a Debian Bullseye (testing), the logs say nothing when I send a mail and in the “Overview” there is a “check NC” and this reports that everything is ok.

I’m talking about the built-in mail client in the NC webinterface. I have no idea if there are any other options in NC for a webmail client. I was just wondering why a message is not copied to the “Sent” folder and when I searched for this issue I did not find anything, except someone who is writing that this client does copy the mail to the “Sent” folder.

A “copy to Sent folder” is a client thing (I know Postfix is able to bcc, but that’s not what I want).

As this IMAP client is quiet restricted in use (e.g. no options to copy or to move items), I was wondering if the “copy to Sent folder” is really built in.

Do you mean storing the sent message to IMAP? The app does that. Open the sent folder and after the next background refresh it will be there. This can take up to 30s. We’re working on improving this.


No, my setup does not, a sent message should show up in other clients and I read that pressing ‘r’ should refresh the Sent folder. But anyway, I will setup a new instance. This was an upgrade of an old version. Could be that there is some or other MySQL issue, there were quite a few updates for the database. But it’s good to know that the webmail client makes a copy to the Sent folder.



I just set up a new version from scratch an indeed, mail is copied to the Sent folder.


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