Mail module is not working in NC19

Hello Guys,

I am facing some issues in the mail module in NC 19.
I have download the mail module in NC 19 and when I am going to configure my mail account using IMAP then they are not connecting.
I am trying to add my Zimbra mail account in NC 19 mail app but don’t work.

Can you please help me out …

Brijesh Vaishnav


check your loggs for any logged errors. That typically reveals the underlying problem.


@ChristophWurst thanks for the reply.
yes, I have checked the logs …

A creating account failed: Could not connect to IMAP: Mail server denied.

these above error is showing me.
I have configured the same email account in outlook with IMAP and its working fine but when I am going to configure in NC 19 mail module then it’s not working.


Do you use the exact same port and authentication method as in Outlook?

@ChristophWurst thanks.
Yes, I was using the different port in the mail module now it’s working.

Thanks again.

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