Mail logo not working with custom theme


I have one custom theme for my company and have realized that the logo-mail.gif is not used when the system sends mails to users: the logo used is the NC defaults.

If I try with the example theme the behavior is the same.

How can I change the logo so that NC can use the one I have at my theme dir?

Nextcloud version : 17.0.0
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Apache or nginx version: 2.4.29
PHP version: 7.2.24

Same problem here. Does anybody found a solution? :grinning:

More information here

The logo in the mail notification is linked to:

I replaced the logo.png with my logo.png. But the logo is still the “custom cloud” logo.
The Link shows my logo but the mail notification add a strange code “?v=fe63de357e3784c69ab4448b7e67a25c63856b1e” behind the png and this is linked to the custom cloud logo…

But a solution seems to be still missing.

I wasn’t unable to make it work… I finally used the Theme App…