Mail delieverd to user by mistake

I have nextcloud 21 installation I use Ldap Server
one of from Ldap Server users received this mail
Your email address on http://… / was changed by an administrator. If you did not request it by the way I am as administrator didn’t change nothing in this user settings .
so how to know the cause of this mail

Its just a phishing spam, delete it.

it is sent from my nextcloud smtp server to the user how it is be spam my issue is why it is sent

Maybe you should attach the message and all headers here so we have more information to go on?

Email address changed for username

Your email address on http://myhost/ was changed by an administrator. If you did not request this, please contact an administrator.

The new email address is [new email]

@ ChristophWurst if you can help

Hi @Moataz

I don’t know how the user settings behave, when a LDAP-server is involved. But I do know that this notification also gets triggered if the user himself overwrites/changes his email address in the settings. And also if he or her “changes” it to the same email address that was already in there.

The Ldap users can’t change their email addresses and the message is
Your email address on http://my server IP / was changed by an administrator. Although the admin can’t list Ldap Users and edit in them it is so weired and confusing attitude??
also it sends my server IP instead of domain name