Mail App Provisioning Settings

I have LDAP integration with Microsoft Active Directory and users are able to log in with their Active Directory credentials. I have a similar setup in a test environment. I can replicate in both environments.

The issue I have is getting the Mail app provisioning settings to pull the correct information. Nextcloud, by default will pull users’ LDAP ObjectGUID is used as the Nextcloud UID. The provisioning settings for Mail app uses the information from users’ UID as the %USERID% by default. I need to change provisioning settings to reflect the username in Active Directory (sAMAccountName). It is not documented which variables are useable in the Mail app aside from %EMAIL% and %USERID%.

In the LDAP/AD integration settings for Nextcloud, the email field is pulled from the LDAP queries. So the User’s Name and Email are pulled automatically and filled in for me. If the Mail app does this too, I just need a documented list of variables I can choose from or where I can find the list of variables. I need to only have the username and not the domain. We have a login domain and an email domain, so authentication is picky. I am able to get around the authentication issue by only using the sAMAccountName as the username.