Mail app not working after update

I recently updated the builtin mail app to version 0.7.10 . After that it stopped working completely.

All I get is a page saying this page is not working, cannot process your request. It is refering to a non https page, also the nextcloud frame (with files, calendar, settings, etc.) dissapears, I have to hit the back button to get it back.

I tried disabling => removing and adding the app again, but it still fails.

I am using the NC13 (RC3?) snap.

Hopefully I can get it back, I really liked the interface. Otherwise: can anyone help installing the other mail app that is not in the app store (tar file) in a snap installation? I cannot find any manual on that.

No one has any idea? I am the only one not able to use the mail app?

Personnal I wasn’t able to modify my nextcloud/apps with the use of nextcloud via snap.
I was successful with a standard installation with LAMP locate in var/www/html/nextcloud.
Maybe you could try outside a snap.

I am running a standard (not snap) install now. Works much better. About 10 times as fast too…