Mail app not scrolling

NC 11.1 RC2 so maybe due to changes in 11.1 (did it to see if collabora would work)

I think its the same in 11.0 as its due to screen rotation.

Being strange we have monitors that can easily tilt and portrait mode has become a preferred orientation as it fits the document orientation, in fact most web sites function better this way and are more readable.

In 11.0 and 11.1 the mail app will auto scroll in landscape mode, but in portrait mode because the list is shorter than the screen space the scrolling never activates.

Also just as an idea is there any chance the next page can be downloaded in the back ground and hidden until the scroll point and then visible with the next page being loaded hidden?

The current scrolling method is quite slow and just though if the next page was buffered and ready to go it would be a big improvement.