Mail app does not autocomplete email-addresses from contacts anymore on nc 14

just as the subject says. on nc 13, i’d start typing into the address-field when composing an email in the mail-app, and after three (?) characters suggestions from my contacts would start appearing automagically.
not anymore since upgrade to nc 14.
am i missing sth. here? is there a config that needs to be set?
THX for your input!

Same thing here.
So I tried to add NextCloud as an mail client in Firefox so I cloud use the Contact shortcut
in upper right corner and search up the person and click the mail icon to send an email.
But I can’t get it to work
Se this tread:

Reopened on request. This applies to the mail app and not external clients.

This is tracked in This can be closed again IMO.

OK, thx for working on it.
I’ll just wait.

Fixed in 14.0.3.