Mail app: cannot type in e-mail-addresses anymore

since the upgrade to nc 16.0.3 and mail 15.0.1 i cannot type in e-mail-addresses anymore. searching the the database for contacts is very slow, error-prone and requires many additional manual interactions (“clicks”).
often i want to type in an email-address that is not in the contacts-db.
when i try this, the nasty rectangles appear and contain only partial (and, of course, wrong) email-addresses. to get rid of them, many manual interactions are necessary again.
is there a way to just be able to quickly type in (whether this is in the contacts-db or not)?
THX for your input!

Hi Pete,
I also use Nextcloud 16.0.3 and can confirm this problem. Manually entered mail addresses will not be accepted. it is not possible to send a mail.
The text transfer from the field “Select option” is not reliable. a correct email address can not be added with “+” as the recipient.

what are the steps to do you have taken? if I enter an email and click enter the email is added to the recipient list

if you manually enter the e-mail address, this will not be transferred to the Recipient field.
Within the text field of the mailapp when typing the email address, the letters are displayed unreliably. that is, sometimes the cursor stops after 4 letters or 2 or 8 or more times.
In any case, no e-mail address is transferred to the recipient field. Thus, no sending of mails within Nextcloud is possible.

many thanks. the update to Mail v.0.15.2 fixed the problem. Excellent work @ChristophWurst


yes, i can confirm it works the way @ChristophWurst describes - THX for fixing it!

Would there be a way of making it work again w/out having to use the mouse? (i’m a keyboard kinda guy.)

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  1. acquire focus on recipient field via keyboard
  2. type the recipient address
  3. hit enter
  4. optionally go to 2
  5. tab to the message body
  6. give a rating on

THX for your reply and sorry for the late answer - vacation.
works4me now but it took some time getting used to.
cheers, pd

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