Mail app 18.04 setup sync with server

I have setup my email in there Nextcloud app , I can send and receive email so far everything is working fine except that I can’t delete any emails. They always come back from my email server. Can someone please explain how to configure this and where. I’m synchronizing emails from Basically I would like to delete an email in Nextcloud app and at the same time it would be deleted at the server.

Then you need to ask them

I’m not sure if you know exactly what I mean. When you connect an email app from a phone ,gmail ,protonmail etc. When you delete an email on this app ,there is an option in this app that it will delete an email from the app and the server. In Nextcloud I can’t see this. When I delete an email in Nextcloud it comes back in couple seconds as its pulls back this email from the server. So this is not the problem with the server. How to config the Nextcloud app so it will delete the email on the server?

There’s nothing to configure, but this could be a bug. If you open a full bug report at we can have a look.