Mail account: Request failed with status code 500

So far, I used the RainLoop app, but since there’s been a lot of progress with the official Mail app and probably better integration, esp. with the upcoming Nextcloud Hub, I wanted to check it out again. (NC 17.0.2, Mail 1.0.0)
However, I can’t add my account settings. I’m getting the error message “Request failed with status code 500”. I’m using the “manual” setup, as I’m storing the mails on my Raspberry (dovecot+getmail) and use the provider’s SMTP. The logins work fine with other apps.
Any idea what could be the issue? Or is there some logfile where I could get better information?

Anything new on this? I’m getting the same error as well.

Error code 500

In the logger I’m getting an error:

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Same problem here: Error: Request failed with status code 500

Hello, for me was an email with à domain not valable in a group.
The message is not clear and it will be fine to have a better message when occurred

I have the same problem here.