macOS won't allow share / upload

Hi all -

Installed NextCloud 26.0.1 on cPanel. It works perfectly, but:
While on macOS Client, if I share a new folder, I can only allow Editing (not upload) - If I select this same folder from the web interface, I do have the option “Allow upload and editing”. → How do I enable UPLOAD option in macOS Client?

2nd issue:
When I share a link from the WWW Interface, and have password protect enabled, I can see the *********** next to the generated password, but clicking on the little EYE to expose the password does not work (On safari)

Finally, on macOS Client, if I select Sharing / enter an email address / click on the (…) in front of the email address, and select Password Protect, there is an error message saying “Password needs to contain at least one numeric character. Password needs to contain at least one lower and one upper case character.”

Any help appreciated.