Macos Saving Login data problem

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with the nextcloud sync client on macos.
It worked fine, but after I reinstalled my nextcloud server, I needed to remove the old login and add the new one.
Now nextcloud ask me for login every system startup. So it opens my web browser and forces me to push the Login button…

Can somebody help?


Is it a macos or nextcloud problem?

On nextcloud go to Settings -> Personal -> Security and delete all devices from the list.

I think it is a problem with nextcloud.
It depends on the fact how nextcloud changes the users login…

But there isn’t a point “personal” at settings.

Right click on tray icon -> settings -> …

Maybe somebody could give me which folder I need to remove, to reset the saved login data?

There is

Okay, but I think it is enough to remove the files from the client.
I don’t like to remove my smartphone, my desktop pc and my two laptops to fix one client !?

So I did what you said. I removed every login of macos on the server side (there was a lot):

No change. Everytime I restart my computer I need to relogin.

That issue isn’t caused by my mac, because it wasn’t there before.
It seems to happen sometimes at my windows computer, too.