macOS profile installation for calendar and contacts is broken

Verified with both macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma beta: downloading and installing the “Configuration profile for macOS/iOS” doesn’t work at all on macOS. Although that profile contains both the caldav and the carddav account, and installation asks for the passwords of both, eventually only the carddav account appears in “Internet accounts” and doesn’t work even, i.e. contacts are not synchronized to the Mac. I suggest to remove the profile installation option until it s assured that it works under normal circumstances. As for now it is a dead-end.

Setting up access to Nextclouds caldav and carddav services on macOS without the profile is as well unstable with varying results, however, with macOS Sonoma beta, Nextcloud Hub 5 and using the “manual” setup method I was able to connect to both services on my nextcloud-server by providing username, password and nextcloud-base-url. For now this seems to be the easiest method to get calendar and contact data into the macOS apps.

Did you set up the service discovery?

Yes, I did. And it appears to be configured properly as the “Manual” setup method for the caldav- and carddav accounts is working, I just need to provide the nextcloud base url here.

However, older versions of macOS and/or Nextcloud showed issues with my setup, which is nextcloud in the standard docker container behind a reverse proxy running on another machine as the TLS-endpoint.

I verified that the macOS/iOS configuration profile contains the correct address, protocol and base url (i.e. https://reverse-proxy.domain:portnumber). The same base url works with manual setup.

I would try to check on your proxy and your webserver, if the clients try to load some resources that fail at some point. For older versions of macOS, it would be great to know what has changed there, not sure with which versions the procedure was tested.

I think we are losing track here. The issue I reported was that macOS does not activate both profiles from the macOS/iOS configuration profile downloaded, it only sets up the carddav account. That is why the macOS/iOS configuration profile is useless for at least macOS.

That is, after downloading and installing the profiles, “Profile” will list both entries, but the macOS calendar app and “Internet accounts” in “System settings” won’t list the caldav-account.

I witnessed this behaviour of macOS first in macOS Ventura. And it is still there in macOS Sonoma.

The profile file does just the basic thing to provide the host name, login data, etc., if you open the profile file, you can compare it to the specification:

The format of the profile has not changed and is still supported by macOS and iOS.

If it fails, it should appear on the logs or perhaps there is a manual way where you can show errors.