MacOS not allowing Local Storage

Hi all. I have read: Configuring External Storage (GUI) β€” Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation and GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: Nextcloud AIO stands for Nextcloud All-in-One and provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance. and I have added the external storage app.

I have allowed Docker Desktop to access /Volumes on my mac.

I have added --env NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT="/Volumes/newdata/storage1/β€œ \ (names changed to protect the innocent) to my Docker command when I created a new master container. I restarted all containters, restarted Docker, restarted my computer, etc.

The AIO interface says: The Nextcloud container is getting gets access to the /Volumes/newdata/storage1/ directory and local external storage in Nextcloud is enabled. See the NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT documentation on how to change this.

Nothing seems to allow me to use local storage. I see on linux there’s a recommendation to chmod the directory - not sure if that’s relevant on mac.

I even tried to share /Volumes/newdata/storage1 to my Mac’s local filesharing on SMB, but I get the Red ! when I try to mount it on SMB. The sharing user is a non-privileged user on the mac, but that user does have read-write for the entire volume I’m trying to share.

I added the variable, deleted and recreated the master container, started, stopped, restarted computer, restarted Docker Desktop and then NextCloud. So, everything was started a few times.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Fixed - I got a notice that I was getting components upgraded and once the upgrade ran and the mastercontiner was redone, local storage is an option. Nice.

It made it work because you finally restarted the containers from the aio interface as I already suggested multiple times.

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I see you are someone who answers a lot of questions and I truly appreciated your help in this situation. Thank you.