Macos Nextcloud client constantly writing data to hard drive with increased cpu load

hi community,
i have just noticed that my nc client is constantly writing data to my hard drive. right now it’s >660Gb since last reboot 4 days ago.
this seems a lot since there are just 18gb of data in the nc-folder. and all data is synced and not much has been added to the folder recently
this constant writing of data leads to battery drain as my machine is a laptop.
my system ist macos 10.14.6 and nc client is 2.6.1

why is this happening?

So I’m not alone.

nextcloud is using 1,6gb of memory and nothing is syncing

downgrade to 2.6.0stable solves the problem. but not real solution, 2.6…1 should work properly, too

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Apparently, there are several issues with the current NC 2.6.1 desktop App on Mac OS X / macOS.

Please consider to use the bucket list to get some awareness. What do you think?

Happy hacking.

Downgrade was helpful. Thanks