macOS/IOS configuration profile

downloading and installing the macOS configuration profile results an emty calendar namend nextcloud and an empty adress book named nextcloud. Trying a calDAV / cardDAV setup with will not connect either but works with my other OSX PIM software.
How to connect OSX native addressbook and calendar with help of nextcloud’s profiles? Using Nextcloud 20.0.1

You normally use just the server name:

This requires that the .well-known redirects are configured (there should be a warning if that isn’t the case):

Just some information for those who face this same issue:

  • on Mac OS 10.12: neither the Manual nor Advanced configuration worked
  • on Mac OS 10.10.5: the Manual configuration failed, the Advanced worked, with below parameters:

User Name:
Password: the password
Server Address:
Server Path: /remote.php/dav
Port: 443 :white_check_mark: Use SSL

The settings in the manual ( do NOT work on my Mac OSX versions …

For problem with documentation, there is a bug tracker for that: GitHub - nextcloud/documentation: 📘 Nextcloud documentation

On the documentation itself, it shows a link so you can directly edit the document and correct the error.