Macos desktop client 3.6.6 install fails on UTM 4.1.5 VM

I tried to install the NextCloud Desktop client 3.6.6 on a MacOS 13.2 vm running on UTM 4.1.5 (74).
When the installer gets to the “installation” stage, an alert is raise that the install failed and contact the vendor.

In the installer log I see a couple of interesting lines.

Installer [921] Could not load resource readme: (null)
Installer [921] Count not load resource license: (null)

then a bit later in the log…

installed[557]: PackageKit: Install Failed: Error Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=110 “An error occurred while extracting files from the package “Nextcloud-3.6.6.pkg”.”

I have rebooted and run the installer a couple of times. Tried again with a fresh download; same result.