macOS 11.4 "You do not have permission to open the application 'nextcloud'"

A few weeks ago my Nextcloud client running on macOS 11.4 stopped automatically starting up on login. When I try starting it manually, I get a message dialog reading “You do not have permission to open the application ‘nextcloud’. Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance.”

Changing the .app Package’s or binary’s permissions doesn’t change anything. After reinstallation, everything works fine again until the next time I log into macOS again when I have to reinstall again to get nextcloud running.

Maybe someone has experienced this behavior and found a fix or workaround?


Do you have any security/anti-virus software installed?

Is this a personal device or a device managed by a company? Perhaps there are options for company to check installed software at startup.

I don’t have anti virus software installed and it’s a personal device…didn’t change any security settings either and it doesn’t happen with other software. Updated to macOS 11.6.7, but to no avail…