Mac Sync Client Download still downloads

Hi @all

While the Download Button for the Sync Client gives Version 2.3.1 for Windows, the Mac Client is still at

Is this a bug or intended?

Greetings from Germany,


Even worse: I checked the download link today and it gave me the older version! :frowning:

You’re absolutely right. Just double checked the Client on my Mac, and it is at Version 2.2.4 (build 1), which is newer than the now downloadable Version on the Homepage.

What is going on here???

@rullzer @LukasReschke

There was a final 2.3.1 build for mac:

Sorry, but not all of us have time, hardware resources and competency to build the package out of the source code you pointed us.
Anyone can give us an approximate idea about when the package built from the latest source code will be made available to the public?

I don’t care much about the Nextcloud branding, I’m still using the original owncloud client.

Nothing was announced yet. You can get involved to speed the process up or if you need to rely on the client and need more support, you can consider an enterprise subscription.