Mac OS X Contacts and Groups

Our setup is for my wife and I and while we have different and shared calendars, we share a single address book and the accompanying contact groups. Because we are entirely Apple based (various Mac desktops, and iOS devices), we prefer to use Apple’s Contacts app and not the NextCloud one.

Calendaring works perfectly and we’re already super impressed by the speed and stability, however Contacts proves to be a bigger challenge.

As Apple has their own way of doing CardDAV, the contact groups do not show up in the web gui. This isn’t that big of an issue because we will rarely be using the web interface, in favor of our Apple devices.

That being said, here’s the issue.

I shared my entire contact list to my wife, and created the appropriate Contact Groups via the OS X Contacts app, filling them with the correct vCards. Although I have sync’ing working between her devices and mine, only a single Contact Group gets populated on her devices. I have read through the history of issues between NextCloud and Apple when it comes to contacts but those entries were years old, and none truly addressed the issue at hand, especially since I can see all of the Contact Groups I created on her devices (they are just empty).

Just for complete transparency, we are running a Debian server with Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4.8, and the latest NextCloud. All the security checks pass perfectly and there are no issues with our system.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Hi, unfortunately I’m not bringing any solution.
I’m having the same need.

If it can help, I just found out that Thunderbird is able to “read” macOS’ Contact groups.
I can access my groups. So they must have coded it right.

Hope it could help.