Mac OS X Client CPU usage

I’m using the ownCloud OS X client v. 2.2.1. The resource usage/consumption is a PITA! The client often takes 80-100% CPU for several seconds. It is under the top 5 apps ranked by CPU time, Chrome being the only non-OS-application consuming more time. The OC client is #1 when it comes to average power consumption - as a result the battery is getting drained very quickly.

There’s hardly any sync activity going on in my setup.

It would be very much appreciated if that issue could be addressed soon?

Are you still getting this with CLient v2.2.2 and Nextcloud 9.0.52?

I’m using ownCloud client 2.2.4 and seeing crazy high CPU usage on both macOS Sierra laptops after reconnection to the internet (resuming from sleep, disconnect / reconnect wifi, etc). Will there be any difference if I switch to the nextCloud client? They seem to be the same 2.2.4, so I’m assuming they’re the same under the hood…