Mac Desktop client - don't download files, only show the files


is there a setting in the Mac Desktop client where the existing data from the Nextcloud server is only displayed in the Mac Finder but not downloaded?
Like in the mobile app or like OneDrive client on Windows.

Currently it syncs everything and my SSD has less and less available disk space. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

It’s planned for some time now:

But not yet ready for use. There is 3rd-party software for the moment (e.g. mountainduck, cyberduck, …).

Alternatively, you can select which folder you want to sync. If your workfolder of files you currently need is smaller this can be a solution.

Ok, many thanks.

I would like to sync all data to see what data I have. For the moment, I can sync all.

I hope virtual drive will be available soon. Do you know a date?

Many thanks.


Is anything known about the development of nextcloud client for mac that allows files without being downloaded?