Mac Clients odd behaviour

Hi All

I run macOS Sierra on a MacBook Pro and iMac. Latest version of NC, on its own dedicated server latest versions of the Desktop Sync client.

When I try and sync the folder using the NC apps, 12GB apparently will take 5 days!!! the connection is 50MB/s down and 10MB/s up! - Server is on a 1GB/s Datacenter connection and is SSL certified via Lets Encrypt

I’m also having a problem with Sync not automatically keeping files up to date - the only way I can keep it current is by quitting the NC client and restarting it

Any thoughts?

How fast is the internet connection of your client?

Hi Tflidd

By client I mean the software on my Mac at the office

Why do you think this is odd? Do you believe the desktop sync client is not using your available network bandwidth?

You could try uploading some files to your Nextcloud server via a web browser and compare that to the desktop client to see if there’s any difference.