Mac Client Non-Functional


Recently I upgraded my sorely neglected server, from 14 all the way to 19. I noticed that the client was equally out of date, so also upgraded that on my Mojave 10.14 computer, to latest release.

Since I updated, I have been unable to access my nextcloud server using the desktop app. Uninstalling and deleting, then reinstalling has not helped. The client, instead of allowing me to directly input my server and app-token, has implemented a wizard, which simply does not work.

Attempting to add the account opens a browser window, in which I login to the server, and Grant Access to the client. On returning to the supposed wizard, this shows that the client is still polling the browser, which continues until the window blanks, and resets to the Enter server pane, now with an Error warning Connection Lost.

I know that the browser window is doing what it needs to, as I now have dozens of authorized mac clients. The client still does not work, however, and no account is set.

I’ve checked the forum history, and apart from some unanswered issues with the same behaviour, there is no solution offered (apart from one super helpful “works for me”)

Is there an alternative method of setting the client’s server details?

Is there a configuration file where a user can directly input the server, account and app-token?

I’ve been using Nextcloud happily for a considerable period, and this is the first utter disaster I’ve come across. Anyone able to help?

  • Edit: Just tried in the Linux App - same problems, same results. Surely there’s a way to set the credentials manually, instead of relying on a non-functional wizard?