Mac Client login not possible, login-window not displayed

I am using Nextcloud on a Macbook Air with latest Catalina 10.15.4.
When trying to log in, the login-Window is not displayed properly, there is just a “blue line” displayed, as shown in the screenshot.
So it is not possible to enter the username and password.
Any ideas??

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-05 um 10.37.38|627x500

same here on 13" MacbookPro running 10.14.6.
It seems that there is a short flicker with the login page that quickly disappears. I suspected a rendering problem, but resizing the window doesn’t make any difference.
Login via web browser works.
Is there a way to manually configure the desktop app?

update: possible workaround: install desktop client 2.5.3 for configuration - 2.6.3 does not work (same issue). Then update to 2.6.4.

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Yes, same here. I tried to change the default browser, but it did not help. Strange enough, when I try another nextcloud it works…

ok, the workaround with 2.5.3 worked, THANKS!

It might be due to incorrect stored browser credentials / session that NC uses as a SSO style login. Your work around may have used or removed the cached creds. Next time, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. That worked for me. It would appear in my case that the quick NC credential pop up quickly uses the wrong creds and goes away, not alerting me that is the problem or an opportunity to update the sign on information.


Duplicate of [Solved] Couldn't connect to server and didn't get any error messages

Closing this and we stay with the linked topic.

We have fixed it:

This is just a daily build but the fix will be included in the 3.0.2 release next week.

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