.lrdata file extensions

Hi All,

my Nextcloud local backup is working great. Love the open source.
Im using Lightroom. Lightroom have some files end with .lrdata

On osx these files are files, when Nextcloud sync them they become folders with all the content inside as subfolders.

This gives me all the time unresolved conflict.


  1. is it possible to define extensions as files instead of folders or dB content?
  2. how to solve those unresolved conflicts?

The structure of .lrdata is huge… and impossible to manage and see where the conflicts are because on OSX its a file and not folder…


Really? Please post screenshots from osx and nextcloud.

here you are:

Schermafbeelding 2020-09-17 om 20.36.03

Nextcloud Webportal:

I see no reason (client or server) that a file is transferred to a folder.
Do you think is a client- or server-problem?
Can you post any logs?

Because these files are now folders that’s not the problem. But when they transferred as files then I don’t have many conflicts… Now it can be far inside the folder structure. Tried to delete the folder server side… Give me errors. Tried rename on client side (the file) give me errors… So would be nice of nextcloud keep those files files and not change them to folders

A file is not a folder and vise versa. And also Nextcloud do not extract files to folders.
Please delete the file/folder on both sites and test it again.

Nextcloud make them folders… On server side they are 4096 size. That’s a folder. I can do "cd to go deeper in the structure. Otherwise I see a file with a file size

Here screenshot server side:

if Standard Previews.lrdata is a file on client side then it was not a folder on server side with 4096 bites size. But with a size of 2,35GB

this is structure inside the OSX application.

Schermafbeelding 2020-09-19 om 10.06.02

so my first question will be:

How can I tell nextcloud that the .LRDATA is a file and must sync as a file

Schermafbeelding 2020-09-19 om 10.08.14

I think Nextcloud can not change a file to a folder. That makes no sense. But perhaps on OSX the file looks in the Nextcloud App like a folder.

@devnull see this screenshot from the nextcloud server.

As you can see I can into the folder. So nextcloud store the file as folder. It seems nextcloud extract the file and store all the content as folders.

Thats why I post the screenshot of the server side so you can see this is not a issue of OSX, but hardcopy on the server of nextcloud…

I think there is no extract program. Also you want use “unzip” you must install an app https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/extract

I think Nextcloud sees a folder in OSX.

Delete all and test again.
Test Windows. I think it is a OSX-problem.
And yes. Apple is not perfect.

Already delete everything. When I copy the “files” to windows, windows see them as files noy as folders…

Nextcloud see then as folders…

Same problem on Windows? Perhaps open an issue for the desktop apps at Github.

the .lrdata files are files on windows. So .lrdata are files on OSX and Windows, when they transferred to Nextcloud server they become folders.

I will create a issue. Thanks anyway !

Perhaps Nextcloud App at client see the file as a folder and the App transfers the folder to folder.

Sorry for the to late reaction. Is there a option the change this?

I use lightroom together with nextcloud too, and I think I found a fairly decent solution to this problem. The main one is to not backup the .lrdata files using nextcloud. I don’t need those on nextcloud. Instead, I back those up locally every week using lightroom and then keep the drive backed up locally as well in case something happens to the hard drive containing all my lightroom data.

I have set up a separate user in nextcloud (who never logs in) for sharing lightroom photos and use rsync to backup just the photo library from lightroom to nextcloud. That way I can be :100: certain the files are only being managed from within lightroom!