Lots of conflict file from server

I have manually copied a large directory to Nextcloud data dir. Then I have Nextcloud scan that directory so the files become visibile on the web userinterface.

When I enable my Nextcloud client on my MAC and I let it scan that folder, I see that a lot of “conflict” files are generated. The message is “Server version downloaded, copied changed local file into conflict file”.

I would expect that the file on the server is exactly the same as the file on my MAC, but apparently Nextcloud does not see it like this.

How can I avoid this behaviour?

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If I understood correctly, you had a large directory, which you copied to your NC data folder via FTP/SFTP and used the occ to rescan your folders?

Now you opened your NC client on your MAC, to sync the files on NC with your client and it changes all the local files to “conflict”?

Please could you check the nextcloud.log file in your data directory for any errors? The same information can be found when you login with your admin user under “Logging”. Maybe you can also attach parts of the log on here, as it might make it easier to help you.

Please also make sure that the data in the uploaded folder was not encrypted, as this might cause problems.

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