Lost my app data which mariadb and nextcloud was installed on

Hi everyone, I’ve been running nextcloud via docker on unRAID for the past 10 months without issues, however due to some bad ram which caused BTRFS errors on my system recently, I had somehow in the process formatted the cache drives which holds the database and user accounts.

However the data which are stored on the array seems to be intact. I’ve since recreated and resetup nextcloud along with MariaDB and remember that I can’t simply ‘move’ the files from one account to the other as they are encrypted. So what’s the best and fastest way I can move the data into a new account to get nextcloud backup and running for my other users?

Thank you!

Hello JVlarc,

just curious, did you turn on the Server side encryption function?

Hi Cyrus, just checked it’s not checked with the fresh install of nextcloud and I could still access the file share through windows explorer

Hi Cyrus,

I meant to ask your old installation since you said it was encrypted. But anyways, i have tried to just moving the files or copying them to the fresh installation as a test, and it works. Of course, all folder permission show be the same. What i did on my test was:

  1. make a docker-compose file similar to the older installtion.
  2. bring the containers up.
  3. make sure the everything is working.
  4. execute docker-compose down.
  5. delete all the data inside nextcloud and mariadb and move the old data in.
  6. execute dock-compose up -d

After doing this everything works good again. Of course with minimal errors that can easily be fixed. I do not know your environment so i cannot tell. So i suggest creating paths for your container. Like you can just rename the old installation.
You can just try this process my copying the old mariadb, it doesnt hurt trying.

I hope this helps.