Lost data after restructureing the folder on the server


last week I restructured the folder in the cloud and had to move some files from one place to the other. After the old folder was clean (I doublechecked that by looking for the data size that is in the folder and it always was 0 MB) I deleted it.
But now a friend of mine is searching for a file he is not finding. he is not 100% sure it was in one of the folder I deleted, but the chances are high.
I checked the bin in the web browser if I find the missing file without success. I don’t have another idea but to ask, if the server is getting mirrored (at least in german you say “spiegeln” which translates to “mirroring” but I’m not sure if this works in the technical context) and the file can be safed by finding it in the older stages of the cloud content.

I hope someone can help me, because the file is important and can, with a little chance, get a legal problem.

additional details:

next cloud version 3.4.1


Hi @penigerchor - Are you asking us if your server is backed up? That’s something you’d need to ask your server administrator.

Hi jtr,

thank you for your information. I will contact him.

Have a nice day. :wink: