Lost config.php, reactivation of Nextcloud failed

Hello Nextcloud Community,
i dont know how it can happen, but i lost my config.php after editing some lines with “vim”. Afterwards owncloud created a new nearly blank config.php.
Unlucky i had no backup created, so i filled all my instance parameters (mysql settings, path to data, …) manually in the newly created config.php. I though basically it should work again, but now i get only the information that i should upgrade my instance to nextcloud 12. Nextcloud 12 is already installed, i do not understand why to upgrade.

If I start the upgrade via the web interface it fails:
“Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.”

Why NextCloud wants to upgrade? What can i do?
How to fix this and re-enable my installation?


Can you please output your config.php file?
It should have been requested in the support topic template.

Sanitise it first of course. I’d guess this is a mismatch between version listed in the config file and the install.

Thanks a lot, ive added the version number in the config.php and it works now!

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