Lost all my my data!

I have lost all the information in /var/www/html/data after a server restart. All my users are gone all the new pix I uploaded via the android app are gone.
Nextcloud v11 on fedora25 and new lamp server installation.
Now I ended up with this message when I call the domain name that I assigned for nextcloud:

Data directory (/var/www/html/data) is invalid
Please check that the data directory contains a file “.ocdata” in its root.

(no .ocdata files anywhere in my computer now)

any thoughts?

Wow. That’s bad.

What do you see on the server commandline?
Have you tried to move the data directory out of /var/www/html at any time?

Do you have any server logs that point to anything?

Is your data on an second hard disk? Did you properly mount this hard disk (if it is not mounted, it will show an empty folder without .ocdata-file)?


Ok, I am so sorry! I have got it figured out…
When I initially setup my next cloud, I have mounted my “data” folder from another drive onto /var/www/html/data.
I forgot that I need to remount that drive again after restart. I just freaked out when that happened…

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Nothing happens by mistake, maybe this was a sign to remind you on the importance of backups.