Lost Access due to php-Version

Hey All,

I was running a nextcloud on a third-party webhoster. Unfortunatelly I missed updating quite a while. Now the hoster shut down php7.3. My current Nextcloudversion isn’t running anymore:

“This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.3.
You are currently running 7.4.25.”

I tried to install the latest Version after backick up my data locally, but I can’t figuer out how to migrate my Calender and Contact data to the new cloud.
I have access to my old Nextcloud via ftp only so far.

I usually install Nextcloud via a launcher provided by my Webhoster.

I have also tried to follow [this manual](https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/admin_manual/maintenance/manual_upgrade.html) but couldn’t find out a way to launch occ.

Does anyone have a solution?
My goal is only to get to the latest Nextcloudversion and somehow get my Calender & Contact Data back.
Other data, like files etc. I am ok with uploading later manually.

I think it is not a good idea to use a webhoster (without shell access) to host Nextcloud. And if you want host Nextcloud at a webhoster you must have actual file backups and database backups.

The problem is the fact that on the host the old nextcloud version with your old database data does not work. But perhaps the new nextcloud version has got new database structures. That also does not work.

Have you got a dump of your database with the old nextcloud version? Have you got a local linux pc? Perhaps you can install the old nextcloud version locally, include the database data, upgrade to newer version, dump the database and then upload again to your hoster.

Read backup and restore

If you use a webhoster you can also use a Managed Nextcloud. Search the internet for provider.

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Thank you devnull. I don’t have an local linux pc availbale. Neither a virtual drive atm. If possible I would like to avoid going there.

I have a backup of the nextcloud folder on my hard-drive.
Access to the database though webhoster myPhp loos like this:

I can ask them for a dump, so far I can’t find any option to download one.

Thanks as well for the hint with Managed Nextcloud. As far as I can tell my Webhoster provides that - but they claim that they don’t offer any support for it though. Does this make sense?

Perhaps you can install https://www.phpmyadmin.net and make a dump of your database. But the dump does not solve your problem.

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This is what they provide, yes. I found an option to download the database.

But as you say, this is not solving my problem (yet).

So I had all my data still locally on my phone and on my computer… Installed a new instance of the latest version and used export - import to get my data back online… This might be the most noobish workaround, but maybe one or another has something to giggle here now…

Thank you devnull for your support!!!

Yes. This is perhaps the best solutions if you have got all your data and settings locally on your phone and computer. But what about polls, forms, …?

Since Nextcloud 23 there is an app backup.

In the manual upgrade procedure, you could have opened a browser and it should have shown you the regular updater interface if I’m not mistaken. That would probably have been the easiest solution of all.