LOOL got locked up when using Redis

I have just a small question. I run a small Nextcloud 11 server for domestic use with two or three active users managing some 100 GB of data.

I read that using Redis should help to ease the workload of the database, so I installed it up and set it up using the socket connection.

After that I found out that things got actually slowed down. I could note some 5 sec increase in delay after uploading of a photo reached 100% and another photo upload was started (I suppose it was due to database work)

More serious was that LOOL got completely locked for about a minute when the file I was working on, was being synchronized. I could still type, but none of the letters would appear while I was typing, but they would all appear after the lock up was over.

After I got rid of Redis, everything is working smoothly.

I am baffled, Redis was supposed to help, but it actually made things quite worse.

Does anyone have a clue as to why would that happen?


Tomas, I would like to spend you a beer one day :sunglasses:

Since 1 week I compiled different Versions of LOOL, installed certificates, analyzed log files.
This error was really hard to find, since it seemed very similar to this one: Collabora "connecting" delay for 20 seconds

My coworkers and me had 20 second delays and thought it was the bug above… but NO! It was just Redis! So, PHP session handling an transactional filelocking back to normal and it works.

Maybe worth a formal bug report since it’s still happening with current versions? I am using NC 12.0.4 and LOOL/Collabora 3.0 self compiled. Can other people reproduce this bug?