Looking for someone to help integrate our 2FA product to NextCloud


We are looking to hire someone to help us take our existing 2FA product and integrate it into NextClout.
This will, of course, be a 2FA app.

If interested I can send more details and we can have a call.


We would like to start on this right away, so sooner the better.
We have a budget and can pay by the hour. Not sure how long this will take.

Hi Darren, happy to help. We did some complex modifications and integrations of nextcloud. Do you still need someone?

Good morning Viktoriia,

Yes we still need some help. Thank you.

You can email me at darren@cryptografx.eu
We can also call/WhatsApp at +44 7426903970

Then we can discuss the project in depth.

I look forward to hearing from you.