Looking for Nextcloud21 Fresh install howto

Hi all,

Looking for a really howto on installing and securing NC21 onto Ubuntu20LTS/Mysql8/PHP8/Redis/

I have a freshly installed Ubuntu20LTS with nothing else on it ready to go.

So far I see is NC20 howto

Hopefully Nginx, but I see that NC admin manual recommends apache2


I was googling and found one fits to my excpectations. LAMP stack and then a tutorial for NC20 with Redis and FPM.

Finally you only need to replace the download from nextcloud with the latest release.
Why nginx over Apache? Any specific reason for it?

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I just seem to be more comfortable with nginx. Won’t be afraid to try apache2 if need be.


Hi @Traffle

As @kerberos said, you can take any tutorial for Nextcloud 20 and just use the latest version of Nextloud instead of Nextcloud 20.

Apart from that, Nextcloud 21 runs just fine with PHP-7.4 and you can always update to PHP-8 later. I also get the feeling that Nextcloud 21 does not yet run as smoothly with PHP-8 as Nextcloud 20 does with PHP-7.4. I have various error messages in the LOG of my test instance with PHP-8. But to be honest, I also have not really looked into it yet. From my experience, however, it is often better if you do not run everything on the “bleeding edge” on a productive Nextcloud instance. It usually takes some time when new versions get released until everything runs smoothly. That does not mean that you can’t use Nextcloud 21 and PHP-8. You just have to be prepared, that you maybe will face some minor issues for which no ready-made solution is available yet.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you bb77

I used a howtoforge howto with NC20 as a guide. Worked well.


I followed this one which worked for me.
It includes also FPM and Redis

I did not use PHP8, just kept it with the versions from regular repository of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Awesome, Thank you!!
Exactly what I was looking for