Looking for Nextcloud Expert for Config/Training for Following Things

Questions/Assistance I’m Looking for Someone to Assist - AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Ping me and let me know what your charge would be hourly, since I could have more work for you. I posted similar on Upwork, but I need someone who knows Nextcloud. Thanks…

  1. I’d like to learn about assigning a user to a group and then assigning group permissions to a folder. So, all members of groupa only see groupa folder. Better understand how permissions work.
  2. how share permissions work between users.
  3. ability to disable sharing by end users (e.g. only a user account can access shared data
  4. hide that External storage [using Backblaze for storage) is used to end user (I see a Cloud External Storage Folder)
  5. change the default view on login (e.g. Files view is displayed for all users as default but then they can change it).
  6. how do I get alerts re: Nextcloud updates?
  7. any recommended External monitoring tools via the API
  8. Recommended Apps to extend functionality such as:
    Group folders https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/groupfolders
    Ransomware Protection https://github.com/nextcloud/ransomware_protection

Thanks and Stay Safe