Looking for Nextcloud Developer For Customization


We are looking a freelance NextCloud developer or Company which gives Support for NextCloud projects. We are in Turkey.

We are planning to use NextCloud Server as a file share platform for our companies.

-integrated with Microsoft Active Directory
-Optimized Server Performance or Cluster installation (About 1000 users)
-Some user policy like quota , limitation etc.
-Secure access control with external network and mobile app
-İnternal access and customization for desktop app
-Security customization like encryption etc.
-Logging all transactions with our logserver
-Some addtional security configuration for GDPR
like Two Factor Authentication , SMS password link integration , Secure link share with access only XXX IP address etc.
-Some Visual customization - logo etc.

Please send me the price of development and time will be taken for all our requests.

My e-mail address murat.er@albil.com.tr and murat.er@outlook.com


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