Looking for complete instructions, start from scratch

I have all the hardware but, I’m a Linux newbie. Now all I need is a good set of instructions.

I’ve installed Linux Mint on the box (I can easily start over with another flavor, if necessary).

I’ve tried a couple different step-by-step guides for installing L-A-M-P but, I always get stuck somewhere (e.g. PHP5 is not found, etc.).

Does anyone know of a good step-by-step guide, starting with the OS installation and ending with a fully-functional NextCloud server?

What about this?


After re-installing Linux Mint 18.2 (should I have started over with Ubuntu 16.04 instead?), I opened a GNOME Terminal window and pasted “sudo snap install nextcloud”; the response was “sudo: snap: command not found”

Next, I tried the 3 apt-get commands. When I got “permission denied” on the first one, I decided to precede each with "sudo ". Since I was never prompted for a root password at the installation of the MySQL/MariaDB server, I suspected that was the wrong thing to do. But, I kept going.

After extracting the nextcloud archive contents, it says to copy the Nextcloud directory to its final destination: cp -r nextcloud /path/to/webserver/document-root (and use the path to my Apache Web server). Where is that? (Searching for httpd in Nemo found .exp but not .conf)

That doesn’t seem to be the simple set of instructions I’d hoped to find. But, thanks for trying to help. Any more would be greatly appreciated.


what about this one here? --> https://www.c-rieger.de/nextcloud-installation-guide/

or maybe you wanna spend roundabout 30 buckazoids and get yourself a raspberry 3 (or 2) and then getting yourself a nextcloudpi-image? --> NextCloudPi brings NC 12.0.2, autoupdates, update notifications and more

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Or mine, which is probably the best guide in the universe*:


*Citation required


awww. sorry. of course. i forgot about this one. :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth: