[Looking for advice] Hosting NC server and file storage in two continents

I have 2 servers, one in Asia, one in Europe.

I live in Asia so would like to see NC deployed at the Asia server but it doesn’t have a large hard drive (SSD).

The Europe server, however, has a large drive so can host all my files, but latency is large, ~180ms to my home. From my daily use, I could feel page loading is slower than from those from the Asia server.

I installed lots of apps on my NC so it’s not just a file server. Therefore, I would like to see if there’s any way to host NC at the Asia server and store my files at the Europe server.

My thought is run HTTP/PHP/Redis/ElasticSearch/OpenOffice etc. all at the Asia server, and use NFS to mount file hosted from the Europe server. But I’m concerned that cron job might scan the file regularly etc. hence could generate lots of bandwidth b/w the two.

Please share your advice/recommendation on the setup.

FYI, security is not an issue as I have VPN b/w the two servers. Also, I run MariaDB Galera on both servers, so the database is always synced b/w the two servers (see if that might be useful).

Thanks in advance.

If your NFS connection has a big latency or is loosing connection, the other server is blocked - you can not even login.
It is better if you change to a server with bigger disks and use a sync mechanism between the two.