Looking for a simple notification app

Iam looking for a simple app that can be used to communicate with the other users of a nextcloud. Iam not really looking for a live chat, more for possibilities to have a general communication column where users can leave messages like “I reordered the folder x, its now located in folder y” or “I am looking for file x, cant find it, can someone tell me where it is?”


You can enable this app

This brings a live chat functionality and you can leave messages like these from your example.

Apart from a chat function you can leave comments and add mentions. Let’s say you have moved the folder and add a comment for this folder like:

@UserX Please note that I have moved this folder. It is now located in folder Y

With @UserX that user will receive a notification and an email if configured.
I hope this helps.

thats not the simplest app ever :slight_smile: But anyway, I can try it out. But how can I write to all users there? For now (I have only the internal chat activated) I can only write to specific persons but not to all together?!

I wonder if you’re looking for something more akin to comments?


Unfortunately informing groups via chat app or comments doesn’t work, no.
Maybe this app then?

no for comments you always have to select the file details first, thats not what Iam looking for

that means, the ojsxc “chat” is only direct messaging between two users?!

announcements is only for admins and too “big”.

Well I have no other idea then :frowning:

However, I can use the announcement center with a normal user as well and find the app quite useful to quickly inform user groups about anything that has changed.