Looking for a Nextcloud App Developer

I’m looking for someone who is familiar with developing Nextcloud Apps. I need a relatively easy app to automatically manage freelancers and orders.

Here’s the basic functionality I need:

  1. All Admins have a separate App-Tab (like Files,Talk,Calendar etc.) on their front-end where they can create a new task/order. Basically, as an admin you have to fill out a simple form (Task-Name, Task-Description, Delivery Time, Cash-Amount) and upload one or more files that belong to the task.
  2. All other users have a App-Tab where they can see all the tasks /orders that are currently available and “claim” a task/order by clicking a simple button.
  3. In the back-end, when a user claims a task he wants to complete, he automatically get’s access to the file(s) that belong to the task and a folder where he can upload his final work.

That’s the basic functionality. In the end, the main thing the app does is “just” automatically sharing folders on click. Of course there are many, many more bonus-functions I’d like to have, but we can talk about that later if the basic app is done.

I also made some illustrations and 2 layouts for the front-end of the app, so if you can develop an app like this, make sure to contact me and I’ll send you all the details.

Hi Lukas,
I am happy to take on this project as all that have described and are wanting done is well within my skill.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson.56782@gmail.com
Cheers and Have a great day,

Still searching.

we can help you if you can share scope on brijesh@sndkcorp.com