Looking for a Freelancer to develop Advanced Search App

Hi all,
I’m looking for a freelancer to develop an application to allow advanced searching capabilities, mainly including:

  • Search by multiple criteria at the same time:
    filename, content (using FullTextSearch), creator/modifier, creation/modification date, tags, comments, favorite or not, shared or not, file extension. Having wildcard capability on criteria that make sense.
  • Be able to set the search on a specific folder or recursively under that folder. Including Group Folders.
  • Sort results by name, creation/modification time, file extension.
  • Search History (to be able to run the past searches quickly).
  • Need to support Hebrew and RTL display.

For more in-depth details contact me,

Let’s have a look at this, if it can help you: https://framagit.org/StCyr/files_advancedsearch.

It’s all in javascript and is triggered when user starts a regular search

Hi @StCyr,
I’ve actually looked into that a few days ago, and it seems like a nice starting point, but our project should include more options, the capabilities that are listed above, and an app screen dedicated just for the advanced search.
Is this something you’re interested in?

Hello @lironb

Are you still looking to improve/extends Search ?