Looking a custom Nextcloud App "File statistic"

I need a custom app what show me activity of shared md files:

  • Latest click with Label link name
  • if possible also IP

I will pay for the work.

Hello @JoHn12


I can help you with your requirement and i would love to discuss more.

Please let me know when we can have detailed discussion.


Always interested in freelancing opportunities.

Please contact me at cyrille [at] bollu [dot] be to discuss a possible collaboration.

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Hi all.

I am also interested in a “file statistic” App. (as Open Source)
I know only the App “Activities for shared file downloads, visible to all admins” https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_trackdownloads
and it seems not accurate for detailed single file statistics.
I dont know a more simple way doing this via log analysis.

My interest of “file statistic”:

  1. Username
  2. IP
  3. Filename
  4. action/activity: Download, view, edit
  5. Date/time of action/activity
  6. file sharing information, group or user
  7. ?

We may have little discussion here, how much work each point resp. solution would require etc.?
For example, if “Nr. 6. file sharing information, group or user” would be difficult I would skip it…

Hi pua, Yes that’s interesting.