"Long Recovery" after Backup

Hey everyone,

I’m running nextcloud on a raspberry pi with raspbian at home and (except for a few ssl problems in the past) it works like a charm. I face one issue though and don’t know, where it might be coming from:

I run regular backups both of the data directory (+ database) as well as the Pi’s SD card in case it crashes. For the SD backup I

  1. put nextcloud into maintenance mode
  2. stop nginx
  3. stop mysql
  4. run backup
  5. start mysql
  6. start nginx
  7. disable maintenance mode for nextcloud and so far so good. :smiley:

While this works, nextcloud takes incredibly long to recover from this. I can log in (browser session, client, …), files are synced and it says that cron jobs are executed, but it takes a few hours until e.g. new articles are shown in the news app or new positions are registered in PhoneTrack. The load on the pi on the other hand is minimal, there is nothing much going on. Do you have any idea what might cause this behaviour? E.g. after an upgrade, all functionality “instantly recovers”, and since cron jobs are actually run I’m somehow confused that it takes that long.