Long filenames on windows

our nextcloud server has an ext file system, the clients have ntfs windows file system. when you want to sync an folder where the filenames are to long or some strange letters are included, the owncloud sync client didn’t say can’t sync the client give the feedback everything is synced.

That sounds like it’s working normally. Are you running into any problems?

but not everything was synced cause the file system can’t handle the filename length. So e.g. on a Linux client it would sync but on windows the sync client has to say “sync not possible long filename”

So you’re saying the files actually did not sync AND the sync client gave no error messages?

the files are on the server when I say offline sync I get no error message but the files are not on the client.

when I copy the files via samba share to the local maschine I get the error message, that the filnames are to long. Without the manuel copy I didn’t know why the files didn’t sync.

I think people are working on this, but I can imagine it’s not an easy problem to solve.

thanks I only want to report the issue. yes that was the problem. I also understood that it’s not easy to solve. I only hope that I get some error feedback instead of everything was synced.