Long delay when switching folders on external storages

I have my NC 12.0.2 setup on an SSD VPS. (using PHP 7.0)
I currently have Box and Dropbox setup as external storages. (Box using WebDav)
Using a web browser on my laptop, there’s always a small delay, generally about 2-4 seconds when switching folders, which seems like quite a while, but usable.
On my android phone, it takes about 8-10 seconds until I can see what’s in it.
On both laptop and phone, Dropbox is very slightly faster, but still about the same amount of time.
I’ve also enabled PHP OPcache on my server.

Is there something that I may have forgotten to setup, or should look into?
Or maybe is this purely on Box and Dropbox’s side and this is normal for everyone?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

If you use external storage, you can decide if it is scanned every time for new items (at least as admin via admin interface, not absolutely sure for external storage mounted via personal settings). If you do, it takes some time to connect to the remote storage. If you don’t and you have setup caching properly, it should be very fast.

Hi tflidd!

Thank you for the reply!
Sorry for the delay in my own response, things have just been crazy lately.

They are setup through external storages, which I completely understand the connection time. I guess it’ll just have to be something I live with.

I’ve been messing around with it a bit, and I guess it really is either (in my case) to have the delay, but have the external storage site queried, or show the cached items and never check the site.

Hopefully in the future the cached content can be shown, the external site can be queried too, and then if any changes are detected, just updated in the UI.

Definitely thank you again for the response! That seemed to be what was causing the delay.