Logout when browser exits?

How can I set up Nextcloud so that it forgets login credentials when I close the browser?
Still being logged in the next time I start my browser is not the behavior I expect. Is it intentional?

Nextcloud uses cookies like every other site to make it convienant for the user.

If you don’t like this behaviour like me you just need to make a setting in your browser to not store cookies after session close.

For firefox see Clear cookies and site data in Firefox | Firefox Help

Hi @guystreeter

Adding 'auto_logout' => true, to your config.php should do the trick. You can find more detailed information about how you can configure session and cookie behavior in the Nextcloud documentation…


Thanks. That works, but it doesn’t seem to me the document describes it that way. It says “after session lifetime”, but the default for that is 24 hours.

Yes, you are right. From the description it is not quite clear.

For security reason you can configure your browser that with stopping the browser the cookies and other things like cache are deleted.